Music Director

Wearing: Navy Blue Wool blend Suit | Houndstooth Waistcoat

How does music play a part in your life?

Music, in its essence, has brought me multi-levels of experiences and I am glad to be able to connect and get involved with different cultures and people!

When was the last time you played for yourself?

Well, playing the piano and performing for myself is pure enjoyment and I find myself squeezing in little pockets of time to play whenever I get the opportunity too. Just two days ago, I was in a private restaurant in Jakarta, and an old piano was sitting there. I just went up to it and played a tune for all their guests. Always excited to play!

The most memorable performance in your whole music career?

If I had to choose, it would be the time a few other musicians and I were selected to represent Singapore in one of their ASEAN bilateral event in New Delhi, India. We were there for a week and only had to perform for a 45-minute set. It was a real treat! They even sent us a tour for the Taj Mahal! Such madness!

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How important is it to look good while performing?

Essentially, your presentation is an integral part of a performer’s repertoire. What I wear on and off stage reflects who I am, not just as an artist but as an individual with my own identity. I believe that’s why I choose to go with Closeknip.