At Closeknip, we help you look your CLOSEKNIP best while saving time.

We come to work every day to identify and solve one of the most significant problems in menswear tailoring. Getting the right fit, consistently. Working closely with our patrons, we have managed to simplify the complicated and tedious process of traditional tailoring. We have developed our own fitting guide system from our wealth of industry experience working with real and challenging body types.

We specialized in everyday quality clothes for everyday people, striving to elevate the basics to its due recognition as part of the building blocks of a fully functional and adaptable wardrobe.

Closeknip is a playful stitch of words, close-knit and nip. Both are synonymous with fabric and tailoring. Together, we aim to cultivate an environment of trust through consistency, not just with our outputs but also through our thoughtful approach to clothing.

We are the wardrobe people. We are your people.